Then there's Barbara Morrison, who always delivers when she comes to town. If the American could not reach Harrod's emotional intensity, she has other strings to her bow. Spinning yarns and sharing jokes, she inhabits a stage like it's her living room, with each audience member a bosom buddy.

She sledgehammers the blues into submission with a voice as big as a church while giving us a wink, some lip, and a jutting hip. She also caresses a ballad with tenderness and superlative musicality, her earthy warmth diluting any.

And The Beat Goes On, Come Back and Check For More Details

Barbara Morrison

Famous Veteran Jazz Performer & Recording Artist

Do you love jazz music? Then, you have just come to the right place! A world-famous jazz singer, Barbara Morrison has always had an undying love for music. She possesses a unique voice and personality, which has mesmerized her audience and fans worldwide.

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The Performing Arts Center

Barbara has been a performer and recording artist for over 60 years. She funds a museum and performing arts center in Los Angeles, CA, for sharing her passion for music. The performing arts center is a private venue that hosts a variety of fine arts and performing arts events and shows.

  • Jazz & Blues concerts
  • Music workshops
  • Dance
  • Events
  • Open Mic
  • Photoshoots
  • Filming, and more

California Jazz & Blues Museum

California Jazz & Blues Museum is an ultimate destination that changed how jazz music is played and composed. The museum serves as a perfect place to conduct motivational exhibitions, programs, and events to educate audiences about the worldwide genres of jazz and blues.

Are you interested in donating to the California Jazz & Blues Museum? Please contact us for any assistance.

Barbara Morrison